We are storytellers. We shape lifestyle and travel brands to connect, influence and inspire.

Our ideas, access and opportunities build brands, drive business and create loyalty.

Life + Style

Our focus is the art of living.
We devise campaigns that combine creative flair with insights and rigorous process to deliver real results.
We delight in exploring the innovative, challenging and unexpected.

The Story

Legend has it that in a test of wisdom, Lord Shiva and Parvati challenged their children to travel around the world three times. The first one to return would be rewarded.

And off they went – some on horses or boats, others running far and fast. Most rode off to literally go around the world, but Ganesha quietly chose to walk in a circle around his seated parents, for they were his world.

As his reward, Ganesha received the honorific ‘god of travel’ and one perfect mango.

Travel is more than traversing the globe. The experience itself is better than any destination – but a mango is the best prize of all.


The Mango Agency brings together nearly 40 talented and tenacious professionals. Creative and forward-thinking, our team develops and executes integrated campaigns across our global offices.

The Leadership Team

Sarah Curra

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Under Sarah’s leadership, Mango continues to build its international presence and capabilities, to deliver impact and commercial results for the agency’s portfolio of clients across the lifestyle and travel industry.  Sarah’s passion for innovative, commercially minded, differentiated campaigns for clients lies at the heart of Mango’s success.   



Talent is our most valuable resource.
We are always looking for experienced professionals,
creative communicators and passionate star students
to join our growing teams.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a true curiosity about the world, then we should talk.

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