Mango Digital Digest: October 2019

From the latest software updates, to the most talked about digital campaigns, the Mango Digital Digest is the monthly roundup that will help you stay up-to-date on all the social media news you need to know.

This month’s trending topics…

1. Twitter takes a stand against politics

This month, Twitter announced that it will ban all political advertising on the platform saying that the reach of such messages “should be earned, not bought”. Since making the announcement, Twitter have received global praise for acknowledging the effect these adverts have on voting and for doing their part to put a halt to the problem of political misinformation … No pressure Facebook!

2. LinkedIn Engagement Continues To Rise

A report published by Microsoft earlier this month shows that not only were LinkedIn revenues up 25% but that LinkedIn sessions grew 22% – generating record levels of engagement and job postings. So, if you haven’t been paying attention to LinkedIn, perhaps it’s worth more of your focus in 2020!

3. Instagram rolls out a series of new features

Instagram has been hard at work this month, rolling out a variety of new features to keep users engaged and help make navigating the platform easier. From adding a new DM filtering feature for creator accounts to removing the ‘following’ tab which means you can no longer see the activity of the people you follow (sorry Insta-stalkers!) – there’s been plenty of small changes rolled out over the past few weeks. And let’s not ignore the rumours that they’re currently testing out a new way to categorise who you follow and prioritise who shows up in your feed… #StayTuned

4. Facebook and Instagram ban ‘sexual’ emojis including aubergine and peach

Sorry fruit lovers, but the aubergine and peach emojis are among those that have been deemed too promiscuous for Facebook and Instagram, who have recently rolled-out a new policy which will ban the use of such emojis if used in a ‘sexually suggestive’ way.

5. TikTok tops download charts

Is TikTok part of your digital marketing plans for 2020? Well, if you’re looking for an authentic way to engage with Gen Z consumers and video content is central to your social media strategy, then perhaps it should be! As reports indicate that it was the most downloaded app both on iOS and Android for the month of September – with close to 60 million installs!  

Dubbed Vine 2.0, Tiktok is unlike other platforms as it’s content driven as opposed to connections driven, meaning creators have to get creative if they want to create the next viral sensation. Our only question? Which brand will be the first to truly rise to the challenge…