Sustainability Sessions with Melissa Hemsley – Food For Thought

Friday 1st November marks World Vegan Day (hurrah for hummus!), which presents the perfect opportunity to share our most insightful tips from Monday evening’s Sustainability Session, hosted by the ever-delightful Melissa Hemsley, joined by Juliet Kinsman, Shona Vertue and Sophie Hellyer. The panel was centred around the modern traveller and the meaning of sustainability.

Some of the thoughts that stuck with me as I left the Sustainability Session (after having stocked up on vegan canapes of course!) …

Flygskjam: Noun – Flight shame

The guilt or embarrassment about the environmental impact of flying by plane.

Gone are the days of your Instagram feeds being clogged up with airplane wings and airport selfies.

Staycation recommendations in London

Foraging and cold-water swimming were amongst the most popular suggestions for how best to appreciate what we have on our doorsteps here in London as the popularity of staycations shows no sign of faltering. You can even go for a dip in the Serpentine on Christmas day (for those who fancy basting themselves up like a freshly plucked turkey…)

Aviation contributes 2% to global carbon emissions whilst textiles contributes 10%

This statistic should provide some much-needed food for thought the next time you find yourself browsing online shopping sites on your lunch break… do you really need another top to fulfil the ‘jeans and a nice top’ dress code?

Do not cram all the hotel freebies in your suitcase

Do you really need yet another mini shampoo or flimsy shower cap? Hotel guests are mindlessly fuelling waste by taking these seemlessly free travel minis. Hotels will continue to buy them, wrap them in plastic and offer them to freebie hungry guests who have convinced themselves that they may need a 5ml moisturiser for their journey home.

If you want to get involved yourself…

Sophie Hellyer head up an amazing charity called Get Out Charity.

The team take children from Tower Hamlets, one of the most deprived areas in the UK, to the coast for camping, surfing and beach clean outings. How are the less privileged expected to care about the environment when they have never seen the sea?

They are always looking for an extra pair of hands.

For more information, please visit: